Same Hustle New Money L.L.C was founded by D-Brown in 2012 after releasing a mixtape with the title in 2010. D-Brown, whose roots are planted in the Midwest region, began generating a notable buzz with a catchy trademark which he soon took to the next level. Now we are here. The official website! 



Born Diondre Brown, February 27, 1990 in St. Paul Minnesota, he moved to Gary, IN when he was nearly 11 days old. He began playing around with the hip hop genre around age 11. He attended Westside High School where he was voted most talented his senior year for the exceptional songs he recorded and released. After high school, he began making notable appearances on the local scene with crowd moving open mic performances and a few popular music videos. He stated, "Transitioning from the status I had in high school to another artist in my city was similar to going from a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in the sea." He quickly learned that in order to separate himself from the plethora of local artist he needed to brand his ambition. He began to take proper procedures to make #SAMEHUSTLENEWMONEY more than just a cool saying but a copyrighted outlet for him musically as well as a growing movement. With a versatile style bridging the gap between savvy and street, this hungry artist is guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone who appreciates hip hop.



Young Dink

"Young DInk" Is A Rap/HipHop Artist On The Rise From A Small City Called East Chicago, IN. Known For His Aggressive Style And Ambition To Make It In The Music Industry Young Dink Is Becoming Very Popular On The Music Scene. Growing Up In A City Where Drugs, Gangs And Low Employment Rate Is Very Common Dink Found a way to turn some of these negative things into an income which consequently landing him in prison. After  Being Released From A Long Sentence In The State Prison, Young Dink Refocused and dedicated his time to music. Flooding The Streets With consistent music and videos . With The Release Of A plethora of videos in 2020, Young Dink set the tone for the new year with his latest collaboration Blicky with Same hustle new money’s head huncho D-Brown. With 25 thousand views in less than a week they Sparked Up A Storm. Now The Fans Are More Hungry Than Ever For new music. Look Forward To Seeing This Artist Throughout The States. Young Dink Can Be Found On All Social Media Platforms And Music Streaming Services. 




Denn Dollaz

East Chicago Indiana artist Denn Dollaz known for his style of street poetry that tells his story. Focusing more on real life experiences, Dollaz music stands the test of time through reality rap.  Digging through his lyrics most can easily identify with the struggles, pain, and triumph. The transparency in his style made him a home town favorite. Joining the Same Hustle New Money team in 2019 right before the release of his highly anticipated project "The Re-Up", Dollaz has kept his foot on the gas ever since. Most recently Dollaz dropped a 7 track project in the midst of the notorious pandemic of Coronavirus and titled the project "Bandemic" as a play on the mass amount of money distributed by the government to stimulate the economy. If you know you know. Be Sure to follow him everywhere via @denndollazmusic and find all his content on every major streaming platform.



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