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It's the Pill Foo!

On behalf of the Same Hustle New Money team I would like to welcome you to our blog. We value the time and interest that bought you here. This week we are highlighting a multi-talented photographer/ artist whom is the mastermind behind an indisputable media company. Locally known as "Dwayne The Dork", he is the machine behind the company "Red Pill Art Society." With a record of great photography and film, I would personally say Dwayne is more of a visionary than a photographer. He is the epitome of art. With creative shoots and superb location, its safe to say Dwayne isn't afraid to step out of the box to capture his vision. Hence the catchy associated phrase " we make art over here." The Dork is also a very talented graphic Designer. Check out some of his work below and follow him on IG @redpillartsociety.

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