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We Be In The City!

The current wave of entertainment in Northwest Indiana is more than likely provided by the latest promotion team to put their footprints on the area night life. Self Made Ent is responsible for almost any of the most recent celebrity events in the past 3 years. The teams resume is compiled of names such as the Migos, Spenzo, Webbie, lil Scrappy, Deelishis from the flavor of love, keisha Ka'oir, King Louie and many more. @j_allaboutthat_green and @hodgedahustla take pride in bringing celebrities to the city for entertainement. In a city with not much to offer alot of people that work everyday jobs look foward to taking a break from their normal life and enjoying a night out with celebrity entertainment. They also recently added party animals to satisfy partying for every age group starring many childrens favorite cartoon characters. Follow their Instagram accounts in the hyperlinks above to keep up with future entertainment and book your events with #selfmade.

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