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Custom Kickz from @Beautiful_Solez

On behalf of the Same Hustle New Money team I would like to welcome you to our blog. We value the time and interest that bought you here. This week we are highlighting a freelance painter making a artistic name for himself in the sneaker culture. Aaron Piggy, better known as the mastermind behind #beautifulsolez, hails from Gary Indiana where he is always looking for a way to rise above the negative stigma of statistics in the city. His latest past time involves brushes, paint, and the creativity most people aren't born with. He has cultivated the art of painting and drawing to create a chance for sneakerheads across the country to express themselves through everyday apperal. In the sneakerhead culture, obtaining limited releases signifies a stature of importance by being one of few who were lucky enough, or blessed, to be apart of something everyone couldnt get their hands on. To take "Exclusive" to another level, you can now get your sneakers proffesionally customized to be a "one of one". And it doesnt just stop at sneakers! Be Sure to follow on instagram for more pics and ordering @beautiful_solez !

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