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Top Hip Hop / Rap projects of 2015

As we all know, once the final days of every year approach, a plethora of lists claiming the years "best of" begin to flood the internet in every possible category. In alot of cases, these lists stir up a lot of controversy. Even though they are all opionated and hold no validation on the topics at hand. Given the fact that 2015 might have been the most sensitive year in a long time, Im looking foward to seeing the internet go nuts these next couple weeks. So I sat down with Brandon Fentress and Dominick "Castro" Jones to make a list of my top hiphop/rap projects from 2015 and they were scored with theirs by and this is the list that was birthed from the scoring system. Check it out to find out who is number one! Feel free to drop your opinions or favorite projects of the year in the comment box!

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