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Long Live Dr. King

As years go by, alot of americans forget about the miracolous progress this country has made in the last century. With advances in technology, science, human beliefs, and equality; the world will benefit for centuries to come from barriers broken by some ambitious and coragious individuals. Specifically one whoms reputation will forever live on in conversation. One being Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Born January 15, 1929, Dr. King was a Civil Rights activist and minister. With years of fighting, speaking, believing, this man sacrificed alot of his life to ensure the oppurtunities many of us take for granted today. Im not saying he did it all alone because there were a plethora of leaders and everyday people fighting for the same beliefs he was. Dr. King knew no boundaries or limitations. Children of today need to know that every oppurtunity or pleasure in life was not once available and they should research and become familiar with their countries history. Dr. King was assasinated for empowering people in the belief of equality. Although his physical presence was no longer in the fight, his voice and vision will live on forever.

Below is a short biography about Dr Kings Life.

Here is a kid friendly, but informative, movie about the affect Dr. King had on the world and the way things are today. It is titled "My Friend Martin".

Here is the video of Dr. Kings historic " I Have A Dream" speech.

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