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Notable Hustle // JGee productions

The owner of Jgee productions is more than just a photographer. He's a visionary. He sees the art in every image no matter how perfect or flawed. Self coined as "the street shooter." With mind blowing shots Jereyl Grice has made a name for himself that extends beyond his Indiana stomping grounds. His vision has led to his photos being posted by many reputable brands and celebrities including hip hop legend prodigy of mob deep. Although his photography is a strong suit he's also a very creative apparel designer with his own line entitled 7knowledge. Last but not least he is dabbling in cinematography and if his focus and determination for this craft is as serious as his photography and fashion we think it's safe to say he will be a triple threat. Check out more of his work on his website, his YouTube channel and his instagram.

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IG: @samehustlenewmoney

Twitter: @d_brown8732 @ladieshustletoo

Soundcloud: @samehustlenewmoney

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