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After a popular 219 challenge started by 219 native, singer, record selling song writer Wayne Blazed, I was inspired to put a challenge together myself. After seeing the positivity and unity his challenge created, I wanted to take it a step further by creating a youtube playlist of 5 videos with a limit of one of your own videos. Although there were plenty of videos from the 219 I wanted to pick, I capped the challenge at 5 to keep it short and sweet. The average attention span is pretty short these days. The goal of this challenge is to create awareness of the creativity and quality of a lot of artist in the 219 some more known than others. But regardless of the "clout", YOU CANT DENY GOOD MUSIC. This challenge is not limited to artist but also open to DJs, engineers, videographers, club owners, promoters, managers, fans or supporters, and anyone else who unbiasedly loves good music and actually pay attention to the local scene. I highly recommend you to subscribe to any artist you check out and like. These songs I picked are just a few of many that I like from the area. After watching my playlist build yours and title it [YOUR NAME] 219 playlist challenge.

Dont forget to subscribe to my channel!

Check out my playlist here!

Instagram : @Samehustlenewmoney

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