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5 reasons why this is the best video you haven't seen in 2021

To start the year, Same Hustle New Money recording artist Young Dink and D-Brown dropped a riveting visual with the usual shooter YS4L films. Reaching 25 thousand views organically in the first week, this video has set the bar for them artistically for the year. Below we count down the reasons why you should watch this video at least 100 times a day.

5. Chemistry- As u watch the video you notice how the vibe is fun and uptempo. Surprsingy this isn't an act. Most videos inspire acting. People "acting" like they're having fun. That wasn't the case here.

4. Quality- Hollywood of YS4L films is a curator of quality and never fails to accomplish the mission. Per usual this is another "glass" visual. Not too much and nothing less than a great performance all around.

3. Energy- If you didn't notice from the sweaty foreheads, The energy in this video was unmatched. A great record calls for a lot of energy. I'm willing to bet my rent money both of these guys burned a few calories during this shoot.

2. Location- The vibe in this video was set by the incomparable decor and art. This location was definitely a nod to the culture. With paintings of Maggie Simpson holding a gun, portraits of the late great Nipsey Hussle and the infamous Louis Vutton custom BMX bike, this video is definitely inspiring to your creative juices.

1. Bottom line- I definitely just ran out of things to say so we're going to end it with just watch the video a hundred times a day like comment and subscribe.

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