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Meet the official DJ for Same Hustle New Money

Where are you based? - Milwaukee, WI.

When did you start making music, releasing music and/or playing shows?- I started making music at 14, my cousin showed me how to record my self and then I started to freestyle on all the hottest songs at the time, I had my first show at 16.

What was the ‘aha’ moment that made you start making music?- 8th grade when i wrote a song for a project in class, then i learned that i could rock a crowd.

What genre can people expect to hear?- Hip Hop with a little R&B.

What are your influences?- old school hip hop, R&B.

What are your releases so far? (EPs, albums, mixes, remixes, etc.)- Late Nite Tunes Know what my name is Video.

What are the most notable shows you’ve played?- I played at the worlds largest Music festival Summerfest in Milwaukee Wi Fremont St in Las Vegas.

What are you doing right now (touring, recording, collaborating, etc.)? Currently working to Release “Vegas Nites” Reddbulls & Condom Wrappers & Reddwaukee, On tour DJing for SHNM.

What other related projects are you involved in (a radio show, event organizing, etc.)? Hosting Same Hustle New Money Radio, DJ.

Instagram @414redd

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