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Videos of the week

Denn Dollaz -By Any Means

-I picked this video due to the versatility shoots matching the lyrics I always like when directors or rappers throws in a scene that matches the lyrics… but beyond that the red and black scheme with the head bop synchronization is probably my most watched part I feel it adds so much flavor you can find that video and more here :

My next pick for video of the week goes to D-Brown and Young Dink with I’m Litt shooting this video while on the road promoting and networking this video was nothing less than amazing. Showing that outta town bag, the SHNM team pulled up in the butterfly doors BMW i8 to kill them with the catchy tune filled with bars think link too I’m Litt and other tracks from the team can be found here :

My next pick for video of the week gets me turnt every time I put it on. Makes me feel like chasing a bag from Nap to Michigan, and for that I thank artist Young Dink - for the video Detroit. If I had to categorize it I would say its more like a movie than a video with every part connecting to the next find time to watch this story unfold and find the video and other music from the artist here :

Catching a vibe is always the assignment and Denn Dollaz and the team definitely understood that when shooting the- Level Up Freestyle … not only showing his bars leveled up but so did his bread, connections, and career. This video was my top pick cause it shows him and his team and a natural state the studio creating memories and putting hits together. Check out the mellow flow and crisp shoots in this Level Up Freestyle found here :

-writer: @jusTrayll

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